Frequently Asked Questions

When is the drop off deadline?

In order to get the gift to the recipient by December 25th, we ask that you drop off the gift box by December 16th.

Where is the drop off location?

Gift boxes and donations can be dropped off at:

NexusBC Community Resource Centre
102 - 3201 30th Street, Vernon BC V1T 9G3
(next door to Service BC)

What size is the Care Box?

The box is 12" long x 9" wide and 4" high. 

Why should I include a grocery gift card?

When we started this campaign in 2016, it became obvious to us that seniors with lower incomes struggle with the cost of groceries. They can usually only afford the basics, and rarely can they afford fresh fruit and vegetables. Even a gift card valued at $20 can buy a good amount of groceries from a budget-friendly grocery store.

What stores do you recommend the gift card come from? 

We recommend that gift cards come from the Wholesale Club, Freshco or Walmart. These are typically places that seniors can easily get to by bus or on foot. Please also enclose the activation receipt, if you have it.

Can I include a personal card?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, this campaign is as much about creating special connections than the actual gift item. We encourage personal messages.

Can I remain anonymous?

This is completely up to you. We encourage you to add a personal message with your gift box; however you can choose whether or not to sign the card.

Should I wrap the gifts inside the box?

We ask that you don't wrap the gifts or the box itself. 

What if I’m concerned that my gift might not fit?

Please include a gift receipt with your gift item if there are concerns that something may not fit.

I know of a local senior that should be on this list to receive a Christmas gift, how can they apply?

If you know someone who should be on the list, please ask them to call NexusBC at 250.545.0585

Can I make a donation directly to NexusBC?

Yes, NexusBC accepts donations and can provide an Official Tax Receipt for donations of $20 or more. Donations can be made in person, by mail, e-transfer or online at